5 Quick Tips for Real Estate Social Media

If you have a renewed commitment to your social media for the new year, here are 5 quick tips to get you started:

5 Quick Tips for Real Estate Social Media

1) Pick Your Platforms

Don’t get bogged down by trying to do too much. Focus on 1-2 main platforms, and add one at a time after you've mastered the features, posting rhythm, and consistency on your main platforms.

Consider starting with Facebook; It's the most familiar and easiest platform to learn for most people.

You must have a business profile. It is against the terms of service on social media platforms to conduct business from a personal profile. Many people have their accounts shut down (and lose all of their followers/connections) when they use their personal profile for business. It’s not worth the risk. You also have the added benefit of insights about your account and posts that you don’t get with a personal profile.

2) Optimize Your Profile

Ensure your profile/bio is completely filled out and personable. It’s not a resume. Don’t talk about yourself in third person. Use language similar to what you would say when you introduce yourself to new clients in person. Sometimes it helps to record yourself talking, then type it into a bio. Remember to keep it concise.

Double-check for accurate contact information - Make sure your phone number and email address are up-to-date. Also, check to make sure that you are receiving notifications when someone sends you a direct message on the platform.

Use a current professional photo of yourself. Although it’s social media, it’s still business. This is not the place for your vacation photo, pictures with your cat, or a cell phone pic in your car. Use your agent headshot, not your logo, so you instantly convey a sense of connection along with and air of professionalism and competency.

Click on any links to your website or other social media platforms. Make sure all links are working correctly. Prospective clients will research you online. Make it easy for them to find out more about you and to contact you. If your links are broken or incorrect, people will assume you’re either not a full-time, dedicated agent or your attention to detail is lacking, and they will move on to someone who has it together.

Organize your page/profile in a way that makes sense to viewers. So many times I visit a real estate agent’s Facebook page, and I have to scroll ….and scroll…..and scroll before I get to their actual posts. Facebook has the ability to order your photos, videos, posts, reviews, etc. on your page. Arrange your page in a way that makes it easy for people to see your current posts, as well as information about you. The same applies to your Instagram profile. If you have story highlights, use attractive, cohesive covers and labels that make sense for someone visiting your profile.

3) Make a Posting Plan

This is where many people get stuck with their own social media management.

“What do I post about?”

Gather ideas for the types of posts you want to make so you always have a go-to list to pull from. Some posts will be reoccurring, others will be one-time or occasional. This is your time to personalize, brand, and differentiate yourself while adding valuable and engaging content for your followers.

Think in categories such as: Listings, Buyers, Sellers, Personal, Local/Community, etc. It helps to add social media to your transaction and open house checklists. Think along the lines of questions you get asked often, things you recommend to your clients, or tips that you’ve learned along the way. Keep it brief, add lots of space or bullet points to make it easy and quick to read.

You must use attractive pictures or graphics on every post. Invest in the software or apps you need to accomplish this, or outsource it. Text only posts are a big NO, unless you’re on Twitter.

4) Commit to a Posting Schedule

This is the second biggest problem area I see for self-managed social media. The life of a social media post is limited. It’s important to post during the days and times when your audience is online.

While it might be most convenient for you to post on social media at 10am on weekdays, this is not likely the time when a lot of people are scrolling their feeds on most platforms. Think evenings and weekend to start. Test different posting times to find the sweet spot for reach and engagement with your particular audience. It will likely be different for each platform you’re using. Maximize your efforts by regularly reviewing your insights and adjusting your posting schedule.

Consistency is key with social media! Make a plan to post a certain number of days every week. Your followers are seeing hundreds of other posts in their feeds daily. You need to show up and be there consistently in order to be top of mind when their real estate needs arise, or someone they know is asking for a referral.

It’s not helpful to post three times in one day and nothing for a week. If three posts are all you can manage, spread them out throughout the week. Native and third-party scheduling tools are very helpful for maintaining your consistency with posting, and they help with convenience for you.

5) Hashtags & Custom Branding

Use a variety of relevant, researched hashtags placed in your post in a way that is not annoying to your audience. Know the norms and limits for hashtag use on each platform that you’re using.

Try creating your own brand hashtag to attach to posts across platforms. Use apps or software to overlay your professional photo and/or logo on post pictures for brand recognition.

Growing your social media presence requires a commitment of time and dedication, like most goals. Your success and growth isn’t going to happen overnight. When you’re trying to reach a wider audience of potential clients and market your listings effectively, social media can be a key factor that most real estate agents and brokers can’t afford to overlook. Bonus Tip: Social media marketing of listings a great asset to include in your listing presentation!

A strong social media presence shows clients not only are you up-to-date and embracing current tech and marketing trends, but they have access to you and your professional expertise. Convey to your audience that you are a successful and competent professional who approaches their business with a passion. Share with them your understanding of your local areas and real estate market. Show them your dedication to doing what it takes to help them achieve their real estate goals when you partner with them!

If you could use some help getting started, I offer a one-time social media audit and strategy package. I’ll take a look at your top two social media platforms and optimize your profiles. I’ll also create a set of over 100 custom hashtags for you to use, give you a list of customized post recommendations and a recommended posting schedule. You’ll have everything you need to just start posting! This package is currently on a special New Year pricing for new clients at only $150. Send me a message, and let’s get started!

If social media is not where you want to be spending your limited time, I also offer full-service monthly packages for social media management that are tailored to fit your needs and budget. I’ll work with you to build a social media presence that is customized for you, optimized for your audience, and happens consistently without you having to pull all of the strings. If you are interested in outsourcing your social media, but still keeping a personal and custom feel - let’s chat.

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