4 Reasons To Use Pinterest for Real Estate Marketing

4 Reasons to Use Pinterest for Real Estate

I recently made this list in preparation for a strategy call with one of my clients, so I thought I would formalize it and share it with you, too. It's a basic run-down of why Pinterest is important to your real estate business.

If you haven't implemented Pinterest as part of your real estate marketing plan, I highly recommend you consider it. Pinterest is not just another social media platform; it's so much more! It's also a search engine, and a fantastic way to drive traffic to your website, blog, and landing pages.


  1. The 2018 statistics on Pinterest (from Sprout Social) show that 29% of US adults are using Pinterest, and 40% of them have a household income of $100K+, and a whopping 93% of users say they use Pinterest to plan for purchases. These three stats alone show that Pinterest is a good target audience for real estate, but take the time to click over and read some of the other data for yourself!

  2. Pinterest is a great platform for getting your name in front of people in your area, and people from out of area who are relocating or looking for investment/vacation properties. When you have a strong strategy for your Pinterest presence that includes good quality local content, you are building your networking and referral potential, and you're attracting buyers and sellers who are in the planning stages of their sale/purchase.

  3. The life of a pin on Pinterest is amazing compared to a Facebook or Instagram post. A pin can live on for weeks, months, and even years. If someone saves your pin to their Pinterest, they'll see your name every time they visit that board, and they'll have it there for when they're ready to take action on their next real estate deal or when they need a local referral for their friends and family.

  4. The SEO potential for Pinterest is huge. Because Pinterest is a search engine, it often ranks high in Google searches. This is another good way for you to capture your corner of online searches AND drive traffic to your own sites. It takes a good strategy to get Pinterest SEO right, and, honestly, many real estate accounts I've seen on Pinterest aren't leveraging this part of Pinterest correctly. Do your research or hire a pro when it comes to Pinterest strategy and SEO (just make sure they have experience in the real estate industry – Real estate can be it's own animal when it comes to some areas of Pinterest strategy)!

Being a modern real estate pro means having a strong online presence across platforms. When reviewing your marketing plan, be sure that Pinterest has a prominent place in your plan. As with all online marketing – remember, it's a marathon not a sprint.

If you're starting from scratch, I recommend my clients commit to a 3-month plan to start, then re-evaluate. It can take some time to gain momentum on Pinterest, but once you've built a good foundation and have an effective daily/weekly/monthly strategy in place it will be easier to build upon and maintain your business Pinterest.

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4 Reasons You Should Use Pinterest for Real Estate Marketing

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